About me

I think I've always been about creating something great. Design, media and HI has always been a big interest of mine ever since I was young. I've finally hit the 10 year mark for "total design experience", and all I can think about is how much I still want to learn.

I studied art direction for advertising and joined an ad agency right after graduating from school. Although I loved the work involved in advertising, agency life quickly led to being burnt out, and it was then when I started to explore other career options; this is when I started to take online courses in my spare time to learn about product design. I worked for a handful of very early-stage startups so I could build my new portfolio, and successfully landed my first job as a Jr. Product Designer a year later.

7 years later, and I'm still loving it, so I'm happy I made the career switch.

I grew up in Seoul, went to college in San Francisco, and spent the majority of my professional career as a product designer in Berlin. I'm a native English speaker, fluent in Korean, and can dabble in a bit of German (my ultimate 2022 goal is to be fluent by end of 2022).

I also love cats, doodling, video games and...sleeping (love me some Z's).

Never got professional headshots, sorry.