Cookpad International


Bristol, Sep 2020 - Feb 2021


Cookpad is a native iOS, android and web application that allows individuals to upload and share recipes with other cooking enthusiasts in their region.

Cookpad International derived from Cookpad Japan, one of the most popular applications in the country. The international team's goal is to expand their application to the western world spread the love of cooking worldwide.


Product Designer

User Research
UI/UX Design
Design Systems
Primary Role:
Search design, conversion and retention

At cookpad I worked with the search and algorithm team. I was mostly responsible for thinking about the best ways to improve everyone's search experience. We spent a lot of time with hard data and patterns, and thinking about the best designs to improve conversion rates.

The cookpad app is primarily free to use, however we have a premium version that allows people to access extra features for a small monthly fee.

The application is regional, which meant we applied different types of algorithms depending on the country. This is because cooking habits differed enough to the point that experiences had to be designed differently. For example, countries in Asia had very different experiences than countries in Europe.

A version of a search feature to improve useage stats.

A regional version of the search page promoting premium recipes.

A regional version (asia) of the search page with a vastly different design and experience.

Since I was a designer that focused on conversions, I also worked on the onboarding experience (to improve retention) and the desktop web experience (to convert web users to native users).