Erento GmbH

Berlin, Jul 2018 - Sep 2021


Erento is the biggest online rental marketplace in Europe. It is a horizontal marketplace that covers every aspect of rental categories, but has a big focus on vehicle rentals.

In 2020 they acquired their biggest competitor Campanda and operate as a hybrid company in Berlin.


Product Lead and Product Design

Product Management
UI/UX Design
User Research
Primary Role:
Product Management and Design

I started off at Erento as a Sr. Product Designer, but was promoted to a product lead after improving the sprint and agile process and help deliver features quicker. It took about 4 months to integrate new processes and achieve sprints with high completion rate and consistent burn rate. You can read about my agile and sprint process here.

During my time there, I mostly worked with conversion metrics and redesigning areas of the SERP (search results page) and the PDP (product detail page). These pages had the highest amount of traffic and were the first steps of our conversion funnel.

We realized the more people spent time on the SERP searching for results, the more likely they were to book something. This resulted in a lot of new features that helped people find what they were looking for, and also explore other options.

I re-designed the SERP and it improved overall booking conversions by 6%.

We did a ton of A/B testing and always validated all our designs before putting them into production. This process resulted in high confidence in our choices and allowed us to ship features faster. We also started to get together bi-weekly and think of various A/B test ideas to perform, and it became a regular process in our sprints.

This metric displays a 3% conversion booking-rate improvement after simply displaying the calendar on the SERP rather than just on the PDP.

Even though erento was a desktop app, I noticed a lot of mobile traffic that was increasing YOY. As someone with a native mobile background, I pushed to make the application mobile-friendly and re-designed every aspect of the application to be useable on mobile web. This focus also helped up split statistics based on device, which often had substantially different behaviour.

This change made the company a mobile-first company, and gave us a lot of new insights on the impacts of focusing on mobile web.