ParkU GmbH

Berlin, Dec 2016 - Jul 2018


ParkU was a native parking application that catered to the DACH regions in Europe. It is available on iOS and Android and let people find a book available parking spaces. Soon after I joined, we also implemented a new feature called "street parking" which allowed people to search for available street parking spots straight through their phone.

Unfortunately ParkU is no longer in service, and shut down in 2020. Below you can see snippets of the application and what I designed.


Product Designer

UI/UX Design
Product Management
Application design

ParkU was the reason why I started getting into product management. I joined as a senior product designer but shortly after I started, our only PM left the company. So instead of waiting for a new hire, I stepped in and and worked alongside the Head of Product and Development. I was a PM / Designer hybrid for about 8 months until we hired a more experienced PM.

The features I worked on

Street Parking: Street parking gave users the option to find available street parking in a selected area via an API. It also gave people the option to pay directly through the app rather than physically using the parking meter.

Reservation Parking: I improved the overall booking process to reserve parking spots on the application. It also included improving the payment flow.

App redesign: The old application had muted colors and an outdated design. I introduced a design system and updated all the components while working closely with the developers.

SaaS Parking Management This was a SaaS application that was used for our parking affiliates. One of our partners asked us to hep them create a dashboard that made it easier for them to manage their parking spaces and bookings, which were mostly booked through our app.